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Rubber Matting Products
Play Tile - Safety Surfacing
Stable Matting - Equestrian Matting for Stables, Stalls & Horseboxes


This site is dedicated to rubber safety matting, matting for horse stable matting, horse box matting, horse stall matting, hosre matting in general. Rubber matting is a viable alternative to stable bedding and matting will pay for it's self within 12 months. Our stable matting is solid rubber and a non porous matting we are also able to supply porous granulated rubber stable matting if this is the preferred stable matting of the customer. All our matting is specifically designed for use in equestrian stables.

We also supply rubber matting for children's play areas. Our rubber Play Tile matting is ideal for use in schools nurseries and domestic applications. Play Tile matting is a recycled granulated rubber matting made from used rubber truck tyre and car tires. Rubber play matting is made in the UK and can be delivered all over the UK, normally within 14 days of placing your order. Colour rubber graphics and EPDM rubber is also available for creating a more interative rubber matting safety surface.


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