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Why should I install stable mats?


Most importantly they are better for your horse reducing stress to the joints and being a non-abrasive surface its kinder to the feet and reduces shoe wear. For your part the benefit will be that only a fraction of the time will be required to muck out and bedding costs will be dramatically reduced.


Which type of mat is suitable for me?


As we supply almost every type of rubber matting, suitable for stables, horse stalls, horseboxes, horse walkers, muddy gateways, cow sheds, cattle cubicles and have a vast experience with these matting types we can advise you on which system will best suit you. Please see our info request for more details.


What about installing my stable mats?


Our mats are available for DIY self installation or our team of fitters can install and seal your stable matting for you. Please see our info request for more details.


How soon can I take delivery?


As we hold a large stock of mats at our main depot as well as in regional areas we can supply you matting quickly and on transport suitable for your location.

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